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Am happy to see back that I just receive my booking number for the Feb. Carnival

Was auction win and used extra miles from 2 cruises.

This is my 1st cruise with this company and the stress and problems was bad but they seem to be fixing it and hope everyone get ship.

The friend who recommended the site had been with them for several years he had sailed the sea 3 times he now book and join I did not agree with this but to get to the end result with less hassle if the membership work and they get *** working again then is good. So we both withdraw complaint

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Have you been on the CM forum today..I feel another lot of cancellations or delays coming up..Pug has just said that RL has been involved in a car accident..pleeeese give me a break..if it's not the dogs sick and dying its Richard himself either sick or dying..apparently she said he isn't hurt at all, just that the car was a right off and he is suffering from shock only…one has to ask oneself, is this just another tactic to delay things happening again at CMs. :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll ...

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to mehere London, London, United Kingdom #783377

Yes he crushed into the central reservation at high speeds to get a day off get real

Southport, England, United Kingdom #769356

I am making an observation here about a thread chosen at random on the locked forum. It illustrates the way communication with this company is handled. (See the post about the way one member was callously informed that her cruise had been cancelled months ago - no hint of an apology of course!)

It relates to the NCL EPIC sailing on April 20th.

On December 13th a member inquired if they were sailing, to which another 3 said they wanted to know too. Numerous emails had not been answered and everyone was very anxious. Ron did reply the following day but only to say that he didn't work the reservations and Richard should have sent out emails to those sailing.

More posts were made, including questions from another 2 members, showing increasing desperation. Finally on Jan 6th Richard deigns to reply:

"Everyone we got a cabin for has been emailed and roll checked manually Lukani I sent another email yesterday re upgrades".

So, did everyone get an email and a cabin? It could read "We got a cabin for everyone" or it could suggest only some people were lucky. If they didn't get an email the members would have to ASSUME they weren't sailing, wouldn't they? And with the forum closed where would they ask? The rest of us are kept in the dark of course. Indulge me Admin and tell me/us if they will all sail.

It would be reassuring to know that cm is providing cruises to all who booked.

to Takenforaride #769413

I noticed the same thing takenforaride.That answer could mean, nobody was emailed, everybody was emailed or one was emailed, or a few were emailed.

Locking the forum, leaves the ones with no answer to assume they are not going to be ticketed. But how can they really go by that when it has been shown, and recently, that members get forgotton when it comes to ticketing and once reminded, they supposedly get done.

These were supposed to be big like party cruises with activities as I recall.There should be no reason, that there should have been any questions in the first place because everyone should have been sailing.

to sandy London, England, United Kingdom #769764

Oh my! Just read that thread about the NCL Epic on the forum. It's definitely smoke and mirrors!

To the questions in the middle of December about finding out if they were going Richard replied on 6th January "Everyone who had a cabin offered to has been ticketed". He also said nobody could be more open and honest than cruisemiles. I nearly fell off my chair laughing!!!

So it could definitely be assumed that they all got a cabin - in fact there were wishes of "enjoy your cruise". Now it turns out that some of the members did NOT get tickets. When and how did they find out? Was there a nice email "sorry you aren't sailing" or an ominous silence, a refund of miles and a realisation that no, there is no cruise? That's how this open and honest company usually behaves.

Yes, definitely smoke and mirrors!

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom #768795

Yvonne non needed person is so frustrating. Is this aiding and abetting?

to Anonymous Southport, England, United Kingdom #768913

Thank you for that wonderful explanation of libel Yvonne. Only problem is that to sue for libel you have to prove the comments are untrue. Richard would certainly have a merry time with that!

I guess you don't want to meet up - and I'm still wondering what part of my 9-point reading of the way Richard conducts business you disagree with. Ah well, if that's your last post I don't suppose I will ever know.

Yes, it's probably best that you withdraw from this forum as you will never be able to defend the indefensible. Enjoy any future cruise you take with cm - just remember those who were not so lucky. And if you want to answer my questions you can contact me at cancelledbycruisemiles@


You are an unusually lucky person if you actually do cruise. I have had several cancelled and all because Richard believes he can be both the seller and merchant delivering the services and has no fiduciary responsibility to CMs buyers. I say this with the knowledge that he dismissed one of his members assertions that CMs was a Ponzi scheme citing a CBS article on Groupon. The difference, of course, is that Groupon is not the merchant and is not motivated to profit from failure to complete the contracts. Richard is by the design of his business model.

Richard purposefully developed the structure of his business, so he could destroy the value of CMs and reward himself by keeping the benefits of this behavior for Richard to use for his personal whims. He takes our money and skims an egregious percent off the top, posts cruises that he has no commitment to pay for to capture our investment, then cancels our cruises for no reason at all other than to steal our money. There is much case law demonstrating that he has a severe conflict of interest and he uses it to take advantage of those who buy CMs. He is ignoring his duty for good faith and fair business dealings.

He and he alone decides who to confirm and who to stiff. He has posted B2B cruises on his website that are in conflict with the Jones Act, for example. When the sail date nears, he informs the buyer that they can't take both segments and need to cancel one. A legitimate travel agent would warn a...

The same is true of all of the RCCL cruises he cancelled. Many hundreds of cabins were cancelled for 2013 and 2014, despite the fact that he had them listed well into September, 2013. Moreover, he continued to promise a few members, he would pay for their cruise when it came due. Yvonne comes to mind. She only had 2 cruises booked. One is an Azamara sailing from Mumbai in April of 2014 and the other is a Celebrity Xpedition sailing in August of 2015. She said Richard adjusted the price, but Richard has promised to pay for her cruise to pay her back for her loyalty in much the same manner that Allen Stanford paid off politicians and government officials throughout the World.

Has he made a similar offer to any of the rest of you? Has he offered to pay for your booked cruise in return for a few more CMs. Has he booked even one cruise for anyone who wasn't an early subscriber to CMs. That's extremely doubtful.

RCCL did not prevent CMs from booking and paying for group or individual bookings. Richard Lester did. He and he alone decided to cancel them after collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for several years. This was part of his plan to self deal our money for his own interests. He used our money to start other businesses and buy nice things for himself and ran off in late 2012 when his cash flow dried up. Nothing is stopping him from working full time at CMs to sort out the problems created by understating the amount of money needed to pay for the cruises offered at the CMs website. Nothing.

The law will eventually catch up with him. It almost always does when the economy tanks as it has. It's my understanding that the police have escalated his case to the department that handles complex fraud. God speed!

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to anonymous #768724

very well said..he is a criminal and along with it a diagnosed sociopath

to anonymous #768727

Whoever you are hiding behind Anonymous you have just gone way too far! You have no idea what has gone on and have only taken what you want like a bad journo to fabricate a libelous story.

This as far as I am concerned is pure editorial lies and I intend to find out who you are. You have gone too far

Quote ' Yvonne comes to mind. She only had 2 cruises booked. One is an Azamara sailing from Mumbai in April of 2014 and the other is a Celebrity Xpedition sailing in August of 2015. She said Richard adjusted the price, but Richard has promised to pay for her cruise to pay her back for her loyalty in much the same manner that Allen Stanford paid off politicians and government officials throughout the World.'

I have repeatedly made it clear I have no agreement or have even discussed payment or favour of any kind. IF I have helped CM in anyway become a productive company and in doing so have helped other CMers that is my reward because I will be able to use the massive (especially for us) investment in miles and time to book something in 2015/16.

FYI - I have cancelled flights for April Mumbai and did so a while back when I could still get a partial refund.

You are so wrong with this, on another note, CM is like groupon and even more like many other gift certificate schemes. CM sells miles/vouchers that can be exchanged for cruises through CM, it does not operate the cruiselines.

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