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Am happy to see back that I just receive my booking number for the Feb. Carnival

Was auction win and used extra miles from 2 cruises.

This is my 1st cruise with this company and the stress and problems was bad but they seem to be fixing it and hope everyone get ship.

The friend who recommended the site had been with them for several years he had sailed the sea 3 times he now book and join I did not agree with this but to get to the end result with less hassle if the membership work and they get *** working again then is good. So we both withdraw complaint

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69 of 136 Cruisemiles reviews
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Jan 07, 2014 #769902

Have you been on the CM forum today..I feel another lot of cancellations or delays coming up..Pug has just said that RL has been involved in a car accident..pleeeese give me a break..if it's not the dogs sick and dying its Richard himself either sick or dying..apparently she said he isn't hurt at all, just that the car was a right off and he is suffering from shock only…one has to ask oneself, is this just another tactic to delay things happening again at CMs. :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll ... Show more

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Feb 08, 2014 #783377 London, London, United Kingdom

Yes he crushed into the central reservation at high speeds to get a day off get real

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Jan 06, 2014 #769356 Southport, England, United Kingdom

I am making an observation here about a thread chosen at random on the locked forum. It illustrates the way communication with this company is handled. (See the post about the way one member was callously informed that her cruise had been cancelled months ago - no hint of an apology of course!)

It relates to the NCL EPIC sailing on April 20th.

On December 13th a member inquired if they were sailing, to which another 3 said they wanted to know too. Numerous emails had not been answered and everyone was very anxious. Ron did reply the following day but only to say that he didn't work the reservations and Richard should have sent out emails to those sailing.

More posts were made, including questions from another 2 members, showing increasing desperation. Finally on Jan 6th Richard deigns to reply:

"Everyone we got a cabin for has been emailed and roll checked manually Lukani I sent another email yesterday re upgrades".

So, did everyone get an email and a cabin? It could read "We got a cabin for everyone" or it could suggest only some people were lucky. If they didn't get an email the members would have to ASSUME they weren't sailing, wouldn't they? And with the forum closed where would they ask? The rest of us are kept in the dark of course. Indulge me Admin and tell me/us if they will all sail.

It would be reassuring to know that cm is providing cruises to all who booked.

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Jan 06, 2014 #769413

I noticed the same thing takenforaride. That answer could mean, nobody was emailed, everybody was emailed or one was emailed, or a few were emailed. Locking the forum, leaves the ones with no answer to assume they are not going to be ticketed. But how can they really go by that when it has been shown, and recently, that members get forgotton when it comes to ticketing and once reminded, they supposedly get done. These were supposed to be big like party cruises with activities as I recall. There should be no reason, that there should have been any questions in the first place because everyone should have been sailing.

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Jan 07, 2014 #769764 London, England, United Kingdom

Oh my! Just read that thread about the NCL Epic on the forum. It's definitely smoke and mirrors!

To the questions in the middle of December about finding out if they were going Richard replied on 6th January "Everyone who had a cabin offered to has been ticketed". He also said nobody could be more open and honest than cruisemiles. I nearly fell off my chair laughing!!!

So it could definitely be assumed that they all got a cabin - in fact there were wishes of "enjoy your cruise". Now it turns out that some of the members did NOT get tickets. When and how did they find out? Was there a nice email "sorry you aren't sailing" or an ominous silence, a refund of miles and a realisation that no, there is no cruise? That's how this open and honest company usually behaves.

Yes, definitely smoke and mirrors!

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Jan 05, 2014 #768913 Southport, England, United Kingdom

Thank you for that wonderful explanation of libel Yvonne. Only problem is that to sue for libel you have to prove the comments are untrue. Richard would certainly have a merry time with that!

I guess you don't want to meet up - and I'm still wondering what part of my 9-point reading of the way Richard conducts business you disagree with. Ah well, if that's your last post I don't suppose I will ever know.

Yes, it's probably best that you withdraw from this forum as you will never be able to defend the indefensible. Enjoy any future cruise you take with cm - just remember those who were not so lucky. And if you want to answer my questions you can contact me at cancelledbycruisemiles@

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Jan 05, 2014 #768674

You are an unusually lucky person if you actually do cruise. I have had several cancelled and all because Richard believes he can be both the seller and merchant delivering the services and has no fiduciary responsibility to CMs buyers. I say this with the knowledge that he dismissed one of his members assertions that CMs was a Ponzi scheme citing a CBS article on Groupon. The difference, of course, is that Groupon is not the merchant and is not motivated to profit from failure to complete the contracts. Richard is by the design of his business model.

Richard purposefully developed the structure of his business, so he could destroy the value of CMs and reward himself by keeping the benefits of this behavior for Richard to use for his personal whims. He takes our money and skims an egregious percent off the top, posts cruises that he has no commitment to pay for to capture our investment, then cancels our cruises for no reason at all other than to steal our money. There is much case law demonstrating that he has a severe conflict of interest and he uses it to take advantage of those who buy CMs. He is ignoring his duty for good faith and fair business dealings.

He and he alone decides who to confirm and who to stiff. He has posted B2B cruises on his website that are in conflict with the Jones Act, for example. When the sail date nears, he informs the buyer that they can't take both segments and need to cancel one. A legitimate travel agent would warn
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Jan 05, 2014 #768724

very well said..he is a criminal and along with it a diagnosed sociopath

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Jan 05, 2014 #768727

Whoever you are hiding behind Anonymous you have just gone way too far! You have no idea what has gone on and have only taken what you want like a bad journo to fabricate a libelous story.

This as far as I am concerned is pure editorial lies and I intend to find out who you are. You have gone too far
Quote ' Yvonne comes to mind. She only had 2 cruises booked. One is an Azamara sailing from Mumbai in April of 2014 and the other is a Celebrity Xpedition sailing in August of 2015. She said Richard adjusted the price, but Richard has promised to pay for her cruise to pay her back for her loyalty in much the same manner that Allen Stanford paid off politicians and government officials throughout the World.'

I have repeatedly made it clear I have no agreement or have even discussed payment or favour of any kind. IF I have helped CM in anyway become a productive company and in doing so have helped other CMers that is my reward because I will be able to use the massive (especially for us) investment in miles and time to book something in 2015/16.

FYI - I have cancelled flights for April Mumbai and did so a while back when I could still get a partial refund.

You are so wrong with this, on another note, CM is like groupon and even more like many other gift certificate schemes. CM sells miles/vouchers that can be exchanged for cruises through CM, it does not operate the cruiselines.

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Jan 05, 2014 #768735 Southport, England, United Kingdom

No, Nonneeded (or Yvonne), Anonymous is correct about the structure of Richard Lester's Cruisemiles scheme. From the language used I imagine he/she has knowledge of legal matters.

Please tell me if you agree or disagree that this is Richard's business scenario;
1) advertise units for sale (miles or vouchers, take your pick),
2) put up a list of cruises than can be booked with said units,
3) make sure these are a long way ahead so money accumulates,
4) when the first batch of cruises is imminent use some of the vast incoming amounts to buy them,
5) keep this up until.....oh dear, there is now not enough money in the kitty to buy the hundreds of promised cruises,
6) cancel the cruises,
7) publish a list of more cruises for the future,
8) let a few of the disappointed members book them,
9) try to get in enough money to pay for these..........

Now tell me, what's next? I don't care who gets the few cruises he deigns to provide. The fact is hundreds or even thousands of people won't get a cruise, or get any money back. This is a scam, pure and simple. Richard should face the law for his illegal activity, and there are many of us who are now working hard to make sure Cruisemiles is shut down before any more people are conned out of their money.

I will not make a personal verbal attack on you, or speculate on your history of
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Jan 05, 2014 #768740

Are you saying I have no right to defend myself? Read my post properly and the quote it contained.
You are however, wrong in many of your assumptions because that is just what they are. Can't imagine where you got the numbers of people and cruises affected.

However, regardless of the supposition from many on here, not all, the outright lies about me are my concern in this particular instance. Misdirection, smoke and mirrors applies to much of what is posted in a clear and directed way to stir up those already upset on here.

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Jan 05, 2014 #768821

So you deny you are scheduled to sail in August of 2015 on the Celebrity Xpedition to the Galapagos, Yvonne? Be careful how you answer, I have reported this little bit of favoritism to the Essex police and you will have to answer this question under oath in the near future. You told me you were on the Xpedition, yourself and recently confirmed you had an adjustment for it here on PC. Were you lying to me then or are you lying to me now?

Groupon is NOT the merchant for any of the deals it sells and, therefore, does NOT have the massive conflict of interest like Richard. He and he alone listed RCCL bookings into September of 2013. No one else. He and he alone CHOSE to cancel our cruises, NOT RCCL. An official with RCCL told me they would be more than happy to receive our money for bookings whether group or individual. Richard Lester is lying. No RCCL official stoped him from paying for our booked cruises. That's what separates legitimate businesses like Groupon from CMs.

How can CMs become "a productive company" when RL skims far too much money off the top, self deals, and is rewarded for canceling our cruise and destroying the value of our investments repeatedly? Only Jesus was able to make wine from water and Richard is certainly no deity.

Since you are so smart, Yvonne, ask Richard for the name of the RCCL official that told him they refused to take our money for bookings and post it here. I dare you!

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Jan 05, 2014 #768855

The galapagos cruise was cancelled along with all the others in 2014 and a little bit of research will tell you it was sold out shortly after. Nobody as far as I am aware from Cm will be on that cruise unless they have already bought the cruise themselves. It is not part of the new schedule. I am sure you already know that just as you probably know many things you have chosen to omit and you make it appear you know even more when you don't.
The changed miles happened many months ago before the cancellations and I am only aware it happened to Azamara mumbai cruise in April when it was sold out and further cabins became available. Irrelevant now, you do seem to have a problem with reading and understanding.

How do you know any money was skimmed? I don't!
I never said I was smart but thanks for the compliment ;)
I only ask R things that are required for me to know, the rest is his business.

It will be a pleasure to pass on your best wishes when I know who you are. Or are you worried about being in trouble yourself with false accusations, unsubstantiated stories, defamation of character and above all,libel. Pissedconsumer provides an avenue for this action so it is not under threat.

libel 1) n. to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule,
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Jan 06, 2014 #769378

I know the money was skimmed by his remarks on the CMs Forum, Yvonne. He bragged about the fact that CMs was not a Ponzi scheme because it is similar to Groupon. That's total BS. Groupon is only the seller of deals. They aren't the merchant and have no say in whether or not the merchant delivers the goods and services contracted for in the deal. In contrast, and this is a very big one, Richard set up his business like Groupon only in the sense he used their model to skim money off the top from the CMs sale. He thinks he can do this because he believes he has put in place a business model that is very difficult to attack.

He set up HQs as an LLC in Reno, NV. He lives in the UK and conducts most of his transactions online. Now, why do you suppose he did that? Do you think it was for his convenience in daily operations, a tax dodge, or to make it hard for buyers to collect on their losses when they inevitably sue and win lawsuits against him? He also believes the LLC shields him and Dave from personal liability. It doesn't in the case of fraud and make no mistake, Richard and Dave have violated their fiduciary responsibility to CMs buyers.

Richard grossly underestimated the money needed to pay himself handsomely and still complete the transactions he sold. I can't imagine even someone with an advanced degree in math being able to accurately estimate the amount of money needed to pay for this year's bookings with revenues from next year's sales and
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Jan 04, 2014 #768612

Woa - Hold on Grizko. February is a long way off. I hope it works out for you but doubtful. Call the cruiseline and make sure the cabin is reserved AND PAID FOR in your name...OH and make sure he can't cancel it.. because he has done it!

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Jan 05, 2014 #768761 Southport, England, United Kingdom

nonneeded, please comment on my last post where I asked if you agreed or disagreed with my list of how Richard conducts his business.

I have made no personal attack or made assumptions about you or your cruises. But I would like you to explain how you can defend Richard.

Simply tell us if you really expect him to honour replacement cruises for all those promised and cancelled - see the list of cancellations on another thread. Or do you think they are exaggerated? I don't believe the money is there to pay for many more (and I think that IS a logical assumption!)

Of course you have a right to defend yourself: I am not accusing you of anything other than misplaced loyalty, and I am asking you to reconsider the evidence.

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Jan 05, 2014 #768772

I am still waiting to find out who chose to publish those lies about me! looks like we could both be disappointed Taken ;)

Do you agree or disagree with the statements they make and how they have worded their post?

I did answer you, I disagree and you are badly informed and just being blinkered, you may have the right motive, in your mind to warn others off, reality is many (and there are not that many on here) want revenge or prefer blackmail and threats to get their cruises, they are not bothered about anyone else. Cm has been running for 6 years and all anyone is interested in is the last 6 months or so and discussion is just pointless, sorry but it is.

Now perhaps you could tell me who the anonymous is that pops on here every now and then with half truths and dis-connected sentencing designed to be insulting and libelous. Usually aimed at me, I assume to practise a bit of divide and rule lol.

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Jan 05, 2014 #768788 Southport, England, United Kingdom

Nonneeded, let me make this plain - I did not make those comments about you, and I do not know who did. I am no wiser about that than you. I have never made verbal attacks on anyone except Richard whom I have called (and believe is) a fraudster who should be called to account by the law.

I do not like to see the name calling - but once it starts then it gets answered in similar vein and gets no-one any further forward. I want a proper discussion about this debacle; a discussion that is denied on the cm forum, and I don't think it is pointless. Answers are very clearly needed.

I am interested to see that you disagree with me and think I am badly informed and blinkered. I know that I have not yet had a cruise, have missed out on 3, have invested a lot of money which will be lost if cm goes down, but am prepared to lose it (and any hope of a future cruise) to see it ended.

I am not disputing that it has been running for 6 years (I have been a member for 3 of those), but that is water under the bridge now. Of course everyone is focused on the last 6 months because it has all gone pear-shaped. Cancellations galore and an absence of recognized business practice in replying to customers' queries and concerns. The running of the company leaves much to be desired, and that's being generous.

It is not difficult to see why many want revenge - if you mean seeing Richard prosecuted then I am one of them. It's not revenge, it's justice.
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Jan 05, 2014 #768864

Wow! Do you really want to talk about disconnected sentences? Read any of Richard Lester's ramblings. He is nonliterate. When did he drop out of school?

And regarding my supposed lying about you. Please give me the name of your lawyer so mine can approach him with a solution to Richard's fraudulent scheme. Richard, Dave and anyone else who wants to sign on to sail with them in the CMs venture have defrauded hundreds of CV/CMs investors with their transparent Ponzi scheme. Taking hard earned money from people with absolutely no intent on completing the deals is illegal, plain and simple. It's what separates legitimate businesses from Ponzi schemes. Groupon's merchants must refund the buyers' money when they fail to complete the deal. That's the law of good faith and fair dealing. Richard thinks he doesn't need to take the buyers' interest into consideration. He's wrong, of course, and therein lies his massive conflict of interest. What is so hard to understand about that Yvonne?

Statements that prove to be true cannot be libel, nor slander, Yvonne. The only reason you're here is the Richard has run off with our money to start other businesses, right? None of us dismissed him from his responsibility to complete our bookings.

Richard and, perhaps, Dave believe they are protected from personal liability by the nefarious LLC construct of their businesses. They're wrong. An LLC does not protect anyone who is part of a fraudulent business and
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