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For over a year I booked for two cruise departure 30/06/2013 +27/10/2013 , Cruisemiles removed my cruise no instructions no explanation, I sent many emails and calls of complaints explanations, I received a very rude email that you have broken the rules booked 3 cabins, this is completely wrong, it is a false accusation, every booking two cabins (but this person I do not know well through another person) I sent several emails since 4 months, I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau but Cruisemiles total ignores my complaints, BBB sent 2 emails Cruisemiles but they do not respond to these emails, it falsely accused, he did not respond to the email, it does not have the good faith to resolve the problem and clairci, no accountability to clients, if I book 3 cabins I take responsibility but it is not the case I confirm there are 2 cabins each reservation ,why Cruisemiles removed my cruise,???? I want to take my cruise booked and confirmed, I do not want to buy more miles, I paid my cruise voucher and cruisemiles around $ 2000 and now only worth nothing, I do not have enough to book another cruise to, and my old cruise voucher will expire soon and 1 cruise voucher already expired because the cancel cruise .I've already lost $ 500, not other cruise voucher will expire in two months I will lost more .

how claim to getting back the cruise please help us because I do not know how to react with Cruisemiles thank you.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom #755968

I'm not too worried about any libel action as I have loads of Cruisemiles I can pay with!

But I don't see Lord Liester on here denying it. Dishonesty is at the core of him, he knows his past and what he has done. So come on Richie, post a comment and deny it. We all know you are glued to this site.

Adam Child, just the one comment from you? You won't make a good character witness in court as you have already lied on TV. And the star of your new show will be in HMP Pentonville soon.

If you lie in court you will be there with him!! :)

They like pretty boys like you in there. ha ha ha

Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom #755583

Adam Child, hhhmmmm, you know him well do you? So you know this isn't the first fraud he has done. Essex police know about his past, his time in prison, oooppps, did that just slip out.

You deserve each other, you have the same morals. I just wish my wife was as good looking as yours and I could live off her earnings as a *** star!!!

When does filming start?

Sorry, I meant the new restaurant series not your wife's latest blockbuster.

to RandyAndy Southport, England, United Kingdom #755630

RandyAndy, did you let slip the words "his time in prison"? What for?

You also said "this isn't the first fraud he's done". Must have been serious as we don't send people down for trivial misdemeanours. Be careful now, or this could be libel!

But if you are speaking the truth we are all agog. Please tell us more...

to Takenforaride #755655***-films-past.html

very interesting reading indeed!..these are the kind of people Richard would surround himself with?..Oh my!

to Takenforaride #755656

this is the kind of person that Richard wants to surround himself with? oh my!

'I hate being lied to': Phillip Schofield fuming after guest claiming to be horrified over fiancee's *** career is revealed to have starred in X-rated films of his own

Former Shipwrecked winner Adam Child appears on This Morning with glamour model fiancée TJ

Claimed he 'couldn't cope' with her *** career

Viewers highlight the fact Child also has X-rated history

Read more:***-films-past.html#ixzz2n4ufVFtA

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

to Takenforaride #755657

just google adam child and read the first article that comes up. Really?

Thats the type of people that good old charitable Richard wants to surround himself with? How appalling!

A *** star wife, done *** himself and lied on the TV show?

Ok! Just happened to be sky tv folks!..sound familiar???

to Anonymous Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States #755767

yes Adam will be a splendid character witness at RL's trial :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

and tell us the details, please!! people all over the world are interested in this


Ooh, look! They made a song together (from Richard's google+ page):

"Steak Drives Me Crazy by Adam Child and Rare Cow Richie"

Apparently this dude doesn't have a fraction of the integrity Mark Baumann displayed when he severed all ties with Lord Richard as soon as he learned about the CM debacle.

Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom #755268

He can afford to be generous its not he's money so he lost two dogs we have lost thouands :(

London, England, United Kingdom #755014

This is disgusting! i personally know Richard well and he's a absolute blinder!

allt this *** about *** man this and that absolute rubbish! no chance!

that man is incredible- unfortunately when you run three businesses mistakes will happen, the lad works from 8am to 4am the next morning and it makes me angry to see all this nonsense.

He has lost his two dogs in the last year! one of them who saved his life.

Cruise miles keeps people happy and like anything when things go wrong everyone wants someone to blame,

people need to lay off him and i can personally praise the man for nothing but utter love, passion and generosity. if more humans were like Richard the world would be a better place!

to Adam Child Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom #755029

Adam, Richard is not the hero you believe him to be. He wants you to think he is, and just like many who can't see past the smoke and mirrors, you'll eventually learn too. Unfortunately, its difficult for you to see the truth, and when you do, you'll be very sad to know your hero is nothing but taking from Peter to give to Paul.

to Adam Child #755054

Tell that one to the hundreds of people who are out thousands of dollars. That is a "mistake"?...So, we need more people like him to take more peoples money...ok, if you say so! :sigh

to Adam Child London, England, United Kingdom #755059

So he's an absolute blinder is he? Is that why he has ruined so many holidays, and even left people standing on the quayside with no booking for the ship in front of them?

Is that why he won't reply to frantic emails from members with roll checked cruises and flights booked?

Is that why so many people are taking legal action against him?

Is that why he only refunds useless miles when he should be refunding the money they spent on those useless miles?

Oh yes, a great guy!! If you think he's such an honourable "lad" please explain the behaviour listed above. My view is that he belongs in jail for his fraudulent and disgusting cruisemiles scheme.

to Adam Child Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States #755063

back to work, Richard, offers are opening soon and you have all those payments to process yet!

to Adam Child Madre De Deus, Bahia, Brazil #755083

apparently you don't know him as well as you think you do.

there are 65 pages on this site alone which will enlighten you to some cold, hard reality.


to Adam Child Southport, England, United Kingdom #755092

Hello Richard, you blinder! Just to let you know that we're all excitedly waiting for the offers to open tonight for next year's cancelled cruises.

to Adam Child #755154 are a TV producer. I see now Adam.

Are you producing Richards upcoming TV show? Is it all about the money Adam?

Make sure you keep yours in your pocket when around him. You obviously have NO idea what hes done!

to Adam Child Englewood, Colorado, United States #755291

"Mistakes will happen"??? Tell ya what - think whatever you want of Richard...have sympathy for his "real tough year".

But do NOT try and act like the victims of his "mistakes" should just grin and bear it and "leave poor Richard alone". I personally could care less what Richard is like as a person. What matters to me is that he took $1500 from me and offered me nothing but cancelled cruises and excuses (meaning NO offer of money back or even communication about what was going on). Richard is not my friend, not my "king", not my family - he is the owner of a business I made a monetary contract with and he did not keep his end.

Period. When businesspeople make "mistakes", they generally make good on them and leave customers in at least as good a shape as they were before doing business with said company. Companies generally act quickly to refund money for any service paid for that they cannot make good on - AND they usually throw in some extra incentives to keep customers happy.

Not only does Richard refuse to return anyone's money, he is rude and arrogant and full of excuses (when he can even be bothered to communicate at all). Apparently you are not someone who's invested your money in Richard's "company", so your opinions are null, void and worhtless (hey, just like my cruisemiles!)

to Adam Child Perth, Western Australia, Australia #755474

self praise..good one Richard

to Adam Child #756121

so you condone this useless piece of flesh stealing off the elderly etc, just shows how depraved your judgement is, he is due to pay for his Ponzie scheme and then & only then this poor excuse for a human being might know what some of his victims have gone thru albeit not in jail ha!ha!

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