What is so bad as felt like this was to good to be true when I purchased 1,600,000 miles early this year for $1,300 and booked a 7 night cruise next January. Not only was I *** enough to do that, but I just purchased another 1,500,000 worthless miles on ebay for $800, before my gut kicked in and told me to check it in and told me to check it out.

It is a fraud.

Simple as that. Cheap ponzi scheme or whatever, but I will join any and every class action suit to just pay the attornies and get $50 back to see the sons of *** go to jail.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Obviously the sailing schedule is still being played with. Februarys has changed again. There has been a cruise deleted but still on offers.

to Anonymous #740845

February confirmed list of 2 is a joke. There is one cruise on offers which isn't opened yet.

(opening dec 1st? , let's wait and see). The other one was on 2 auctions with no winners.

So we have 2 confirmed sailings with no members on them ...and of course lots of members on the unconfirmed (or cancelled) cruises.

to DM #740874

A typical day at the office! :x


anyone wonder where money went last november when he claimed everything went downhill?

Cruisemiles Expands its Cruise Rewards Travel Program with acquisition of cruisemiles.co.uk

Industry: Travel

Lord Richard Lester Travels no.1 entrepreneur, Worlds favorite food guru & the CEO in Cruisemiles.com has acquired cruisemiles.co.uk after a battle the size of Trafalgar.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) November 22nd, 2012

After a battle against several of the biggest names in travel Richard Lester announced this week his success in acquiring cruisemiles.co.uk for an undisclosed 5 figure sum.


we were also robbed, spent $2000 for nothing. e-mails never replied to,had a cruise booked and than they told us that we were not on it..do not fall for it.

waste of money!! i hope they get caught soon.

Maryville, Missouri, United States #697700

My June 6, 2013, cruise was cancelled--with no explanation or warning to me. I am suing Cruise Miles LLC in small claims court. If I win, I will be filing the judgement against the corporation in the State of Nevada.

I'm not sure I will ever recoup my $1500, but I hope a judgment will, essentially, put a lien against their corporate business (and make it more difficult to renew their registration, etc.)

I'll try to post updates, so everyone will know how this legal action comes out.


Wow. I am unhappy with them at the moment too.

I have spent way too much money on cruisemiles. I am supposed to sail next month and they don't get back to me.

The cruiseline can't find my booking and cruisemiles ignores my e-mails and support tickets. I think they have just taken my money and just don't care that I can't get onto my cruise.

to Just me #691493



11 Chequers Rd Writtle, Essex CM1 3NG

01245 420399

Greenwood Lake, New York, United States #658566

I can gladly report I just got back from my 2nd cruisemiles adventure, The deleted on peoples account does not mean that you have lost cabin it's simply that they returned all the Miles to you because they lost some group balcony space when the cruiseline changed the path.

Maybe they should have been clearer about this when they updated the departure lounge last year or maybe just me bad and jumping to wrong conclusion.

to Carnival Fairfax, Virginia, United States #724133

No! Deleted means exactly that "CANCELLED" This was verified to me by "admin".

I just lost 2 cruises I booked and confirmed almost a year ago. Do not buy anymore miles until they straighten this out, if they do at all.

Middletown, New York, United States #658537

They have done the same thing to me...How can a company get away with doing this? Its clear they have been planning this all along.

Build up the business and then cheat as many people as possible.

Sure is a shame... I've lost 700 bucks!


:sigh It appears cruisemiles has become a gigantic ponzi scheme with owner Richard Lester using the $$ from miles sales to buy a restaurant called the rarecow in Chelmsford, UK.

It used to be very good but in the last year communication is almost nonexistent with many people not getting the cruises they paid for with miles. Many cruises have been cancelled with valueless miles returned as compensation. Miles are worth 1/5 of what they were worth a year ago so almost valueless as cruise prices using miles have shot up 500%.

My advice to everyone is to try to use up your miles if you can find a cruise avaiable (rare these days) and hope you get it and be done with this scam.

CEO Lester is not honest and spews every excuse he can if you are lucky enough to ever get an email response.

It is a shame as this once was a good program but unfortunately has become a ponzi scheme.

On another note his RARECOW dining venue is nowhere near brilliant from personal experience. I wish he was there the evening I attended to give him a piece of my mind.

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