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Update by user Apr 02, 2014

*** UPDATE***

Not good news, I am sorry.

Slater & Gordon have advised that following their review of the potential for a Class Action, they have NOT decided to go ahead,

This is perhaps due to the assets available in CruiseMiles to make such an action viable, though they did not advise their reasons. Perhaps other actions or other companies might be possible.

The full text of the Slater & Gordon (Australia) advice is below:

"This firm has decided not to get involved in pursuing CruiseMiles and/or its principals.

I would be grateful if you could make it clear on the blog site that Steven Lewis and Slater & Gordon regrettably cannot assist but hope that eventually you might obtain satisfaction in a matter that seems to warrant further action for compensation. Yours faithfully, Van Moulis | Practice Group Leader | Commercial, Estate and Class Action Litigation Slater & Gordon Lawyers | Level 5, 44 Market Street | Sydney 2000 Phone +61 2 8267 0667 | Fax +61 2 8267 0650 "

Update by user Oct 23, 2013

Contact at Slater & Gordon, Sydney for my Class Action request is Steven Lewis. Level 5, 44 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000 T: (02) 8267 0626 F: (02) 8267 0650

I will be away for a month.

Update by user Oct 15, 2013

16 Oct 2013: I have spoken with Slater & Gordon here now at some length and will, as requested by their Practice Group Lawyer, provide documentary evidence for their assessment.

It is noted that a Class Action will depend on likelihood of success; difficulties of course due to the "distributed" nature of CM and their assets; and of course a number of other people to join in the action.

Anyone wishing to join should first document their losses and experiences for submission.

Further details, advice, progress will be posted here.

Update by user Oct 15, 2013

Pleased to say a major legal firm - in Australia, with international links - is interested in my Class Action request. Will advise as progress is made. 15/10/13

Original review posted by user Oct 13, 2013

I've had, like all others significantly devalued CruiseMiles and cruise cancellations. The last straw is that having not responded to several weeks of many enquiries on a TransAtlantic Cruise for ticketing, Richard Lester replies that I cancelled the cruise myself and credited my account that day with the original amount of now effectively worthless Cruisemiles (back dating the entry also by about a month).

ACTION: I now will no longer "play" within the CM company system and rules and will action complaints in public, through institutions, and other legal means.

I would like to set up/ join a Class Action and will hope that others will join.

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Link to a legal firm that agrees this was an illegal venture (not that any of us are questioning that)

and says they are standing by to offer help.


How can most cruisemile buyers had their information on the cruisemiles web site which convenient had a virus we were told so all the information a how many cruise miles we have is locked up in the cruisemiles site which we cannot open. I had 34 million cm and my mother had We million cm but the proof is still locked inside the cruisemiles site.

I now that tho you sands of people all over the world has been ripped off... and

There seems like there is nothing we can do. I bought all the cruisemiles from a ebay seller. Shipshape1960 he was still selling the cruisemiles up to December.

Yet ebay states it has nothing to do with them that vouchers were sold at over £100 a voucher which worth worth NOTHING. How mad is this what a corrupt world we live in when companies can just go bankrupt and move on leaving major loss of money to individuals yet just get away with it.. everytime it's about is it worth it. To the establishment to pursue these thiefs.

Even governments have these policies allowing people's pensions to be stolen by companies who just go into receivership then start up again 3 months later under a new name. God help just in this corrupt world.


FOR INFO: Check out other PO thread ...


I have contacted slater and Gordon, thanks. We have lost over $5000 not to mention the emotional ride, disappointment and energy spent trying to rebook, search get answers.

So disappointed and pretty angry at the whole company. thanks for the direction of where to go with this anger and do something pro active in taking class action against cruisemiles, hope others do the same.


in australia...slater and gordon are handling a class action law suit but I think they are world wide..wouldnt hurt to get in touch with them though

Dexter, Michigan, United States #772036

Please contact me if there is going to be a 'class action law suit'!!! We waited almost two years to go on our cruise that was to leave the end of November 2013 and return 7 days later.

It was on the Celebrity "Summit". Weeks and weeks before the cruise, I emailed them as to why we had not had ANY communication from them regarding 'roll call'. They wouldn't respond to us!!! When they finally did, it was about 10 or so days before the cruse was to depart.

We were told the cruise had been CANCELLED, yet we had been given NO prior notification!!! We are the care givers for my parents, so many, many arrangements had to be made with relatives to come in to care for them. The relatives had to use 'vacation' days to do so. We already purchased our non-refundable airfare, so we went ahead and booked the exact same cruise, which cost us well over $1,000.


We DEFINITELY want to participate!!! My Email:

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #761254


Sorry I've been away longer than first planned.

1. The legal firm (S&G) have advised that they are investigating and have contacted London branch for support/information.

2. Needed to advise S&G that there is a (confusing) secondary but unassociated organisation called "Cruise Miles" which apparently 'stole' the CM name, and are an unassociated "frequent fliers" type organisation on Facebook and are not to be linked to this proposed Class Action.

3. I (as will all others proposing to join this Class Action - should it be launched) have to detail all costs/losses associated with one's claim. My credit card company have assisted by copying (free) to me all my statements for the past 2 years so I can detail my items. If you wish to join in the Action please prepare your documentation.

4. I expect that due to the seasonal hiatus, there will be more to report in mid-late January. Sorry but this will not be a 'quick fix' but hopefully will have a strong legal effect on CM.

to YHCM Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #761340

I assume that is Slater and Gordon you are referring to an if so who should we contact within the company

to mehere #761376

Contact info is detailed in headed material.

to YHCM Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #761392

THX rest assured I will definitely be in touch

New York, New York, United States #760923

We find it hard to believe that anyone went on a cruise with him since two cruises we were set to go on never occurred!!! No email responses from them, just took our money and ran.

What a despicable organization Cruisemiles is and what a pathological liar Richard Lester is!!!

We certainly hope he gets his due in life and we intend to hound him until he does with police and any other means we can find. :( :( :(

to Anonymous Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #761149

here here…I'm right there with you….pathological liar and by all accounts a sociopath as well.

Sarasota, Florida, United States #759783

After paying for 2 vouchers and paying for miles, I finally got a cruise and all went well - Richard followed through with his promise on this one - so no complaints!

to helentlewis #759995

Thank Helen, glad you had a nice time :)


to helentlewis #760961

Helen - What cruise were you on and did you see any other members from CM?

Did not see anyone cruise recently on the forum.

to Anonymous Sarasota, Florida, United States #760995

Hi Anonymous - I went on the Dec 7th Carnival Liberty 7 night Eastern Caribbean - I did not meet any others from CM - I went with four of my friends. They paid for their own rooms.

This isn't a hoax, I am a CM member and Richard came through for me this time and the cruise and cabin was as promised - no complaints; I finally got my cruise.

I also got a cabin booked on the Sept cruise I had booked almost 2 years ago, but was unable to travel due to illness. I had been waiting 6 years, so I was very grateful to finally get a cruise.


Why are they still selling miles on ebid??????????

to Anonymous #759697

This comment has little value in this thread.

to Anonymous Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #760076

Do you mean the comment on "why are they still selling miles on ebid??" if so it has heaps to do with this thread and any other thread that is connected with CM. All I was asking is WHY....if this company is going slowly under how can agents still be selling worthless miles to people who maybe not know the trouble CM is in, so in reply to your post it has heaps of value in this thread because if it helps just one person not buy miles I feel like I have done something, wish I had done a lot more research into it before I willingly handed over thousands of dollars to a scheme I did not even take one cruise with.

to DA Southport, England, United Kingdom #760108

I agree totally with you DA. This company has cancelled so many cruises - no decent agent should still be selling the miles.

It is extremely relevant, as I for one found out about cruise vouchers (as it was then) by chance on Ebay. It seemed a good scheme and so, after a little research, bought one.

Then it became miles so I continued buying from the agents until I was able to book 3 cruises (never taken of course!)

At that time the agents believed all was well, but now there is no excuse. Hundreds of cruises have been cancelled and they should NOT be tempting buyers to invest in a scheme that is so flawed and likely to fold.

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