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Unbelievable ! Ron is advising cross cm who like the rest of us , haven't had a replacement cruise or our money back , to look in previous offers " to see what you may of missed"

Lo. & behold nearly all the cancelled cruises are there!

These people are truly horrible human beings - do not invest 1cent in their scam.

It's beyond belief that Richard Lester and his stinking agents . All of whom have made a profit haven't been arrested yet!

Guys there will be people who say don't be horrible etc . Iam only speaking the truth . I paid good money for miles which were traded on Cruisemiles for a specific cruise on a specific date in a specific class of stateroom. I would not of purchased the miles for any other reason . Our cruise was cancelled without notice - worthless miles put back into account and that was it ! The ship sailed . I would like my £ 2k back . I don't want the vague promise of an iffy cruise some 2 years ahead . I'd waited 18 months for the cancelled cruise. To say I'm depressed, distraught and angry is an understatement .

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68 of 136 Cruisemiles reviews
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Jan 07, 2014 #769928 Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States

well folks, I've been "permanently banned" from the CM forum...which is laughable because I never posted anything there, just logged-in to see the fine fictional pieces that were occasionally posted. so keep me updated here please; I really want to know when the dark lord is arrested :roll :roll

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Jan 07, 2014 #769991 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Unhappy Cruisemiller1, Yes I too have been banned from the CM Forum, have been for a while, as soon as they realised I was after my money, they cut me off reading the forum, yet they are still holding on to my money. Not that I ever posted anything but wanted to keep track of what is going on. Or are they banning members now if they have not paid their $49? who knows with that company.

So like UnhappyCruiseiler1 I also would like to be updated on the goings on with this company.

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Jan 07, 2014 #770035

Yup - that's why Ron and Yvonne keep coming on here and pushing all the "anonymous" folk to out themselves. So they know who to ban! Shameful.

What have you missed? More excuses and delays. This time it's Richard's terrifying and horrible car accident (he's fine by the way). More blaming the CMers who dare to ask when some promised task will be done - "Have some respect, Richard was just in a terrible car accident - he'll get to your issue when he gets to it!" Followed, of course, by apologies and well wishes for Richard. Cringeworthy.

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Jan 08, 2014 #770179

Just had a look at the forum and after almost 24hrs now there have been 160 views about RL's awful awful car crash and not one reply or well wisher…now doesn't that tell us something…people are fed up and sick to death with his sad sad stories..give us a break Lester, stop with your lies, you are not fooling anyone anymore fat boy :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll

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Jan 08, 2014 #770229 San Francisco, California, United States

have you seen the TEST yesterday,you know the crash he had.put it on and test the waters to see if anybody believes his sob stories.nobody,not one post of compassion,so after almost 170 views he comes last night to say hes black and blue but ok and then this morning poof,gone also noticed the tread about the april 20th tread of SOME insides will cruise has vanished but they are TRANSPARENT.they are playing us for fools and it's not working.i cannot believe the low standards of morals displayed on the site by the one's who moderate the cm site.they don't do and know anything,they don't expect there boss to divulge any details of who is sailing and how many cancellations have gone on but we cannot question anything as we will be banned but they are TRANSPARENT,and now they are banning anybody that does not agree with them but no refund thow.seen a lot of nice posts from on pc,please post it on other sites.very informative and 100% correct.can't wait to see the pics of his car crash as I guess seing people waving from the lido deck is impossible,so it has become a site where we get the details of Rich. life :? .
now all have been ticketed thru march.ok,so I look at the departure lounge and that makes what a full 4 bookings..hahahaaaa! :x

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Jan 07, 2014 #769995

Well as I see it RICHIE RICH answered everything we need to know before his car crash this morning....not! 300 people cruised since I guess the new cruises,so that's in the last 6 months and 2000 last year,wow.How many didn't thow,3000 or more? To tell us that he is transparent well hello,transparent as tar paper I would say.And the 2 stoogers that are now defending full double back time now,letting a few posts in but then telling they will not post as enough have not sailed and only the boss,mr admin.knows that,the one's who have.they are only there for well..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,i don't know except to keep the façade boss man,could you give the screen names of those that are cruising,you know as you have 0% credibility maybe it will give you a boost to 2%.Smoke and mirrors,well as trev. posted at least can be fun to watch with a magician,this is pathetic.But wait,he's ticketed all thru march,so there must be at least 4 couples cruising in the next 3 months?

also now most miles sellers have a minimum bid.most are not sold,i guess they were getting tired of bidding by themselves with fake bidders.charade galore. ,)
Unhappy have you tried with another account,some have more than one.If you are banned from the site are we able to ask for our money back? I would like to be banned if so! :roll

Forum was on
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Jan 14, 2014 #773478 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Hello - I am one of those people who have 'lost' cruises during 2013. When I wrote on Forum, my views were not printed. I eventually bombarded the Dark Lord's restaurant website and finally got a reply email. Quite honestly, I thought Cruisemiles was a fabulous idea when I joined in 2009. We had our first cruise to Tassie in January, 2011 and did 3 back to back cruises - Alaska, Vancouver to Hawaii, Hawaii to Sydney in September, 2012. Thank God for small mercies. I also did a 3 night cruise Sydney - Melbourne with friends in February, 2013. So.. according to Richard... I am one of the people who should be grateful that they got a cruise at all. Well, I have to tell you, I don't feel grateful as I am holding $7K in vouchers, and lost over $1K in fares/accommodation from the cancelled NZ cruise. By paying the 'membership' I have managed to secure?? a Tassie cruise 2/1/15 out of Sydney, but if it actually happens I will be very surprised. PS Friends that I recommended CM to, lost 4 cruises between them. :o(

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the cow is cooked

Jan 14, 2014 #773539

Yes,RL will make you think you should be grateful and kiss his feet.But even with your savings like many that have cruised they are holding millions of worthless miles that costs thousands,so doing the math you have paid full price for all your previous cruise if your lucky as most are now in the negative by thousands.If we would have known all would have quit while we were ahead,now everybody except the favorites are getting cruises..

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Jan 08, 2014 #770285 Southport, England, United Kingdom

You've not missed much, apart from the accident! I won't comment on that.....but there IS an issue that illustrates Richard's deceitful tactics that needs shouting loud and clear.

Richard is NOT booking the cruises he pretends he is.

On another thread here I explained that I took a thread AT RANDOM off the cm forum: NCL Epic April. Several people on Dec 13th asked where their tickets were; Ron of course said only Richard knew. At last, on Jan 6th, Admin posts "Everyone we got a cabin for has been emailed". So all 5 people got tickets, right? WRONG. Two of those people immediately posted they did NOT get tickets, and neither did another member. He daren't not give a ticket to Lukani as she got the cruise as the lucky winner of Trevor's generous giveaway. That leaves one I have not yet traced.

He then posted that no company could be as honest an open as cm! By the way, you can't read this thread any more as it's been taken down! He must have realised how laughable this was!

So Richard, honest and open? Everyone got tickets? NO! DEVIOUS, DISHONEST, FRAUDULENT are better words to describe you. PLEASE cm members, open your eyes - he only pretends he is being benevolent in giving you the cruises you have paid for, and tickets are being issued to "everyone".

Of course Yvonne, Ron and the other disciples will bleat on about how hard he's trying and we should move on, but put away the rose-tinted specs and read between
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Jan 05, 2014 #769108

You know anonymous I don't even want the money back that was stolen from me..I just want to see RL in jail and the present existing agents to be arrested for aiding and abeting would be worth losing the money over..I have no respect for them as human beings, they are the *** of the earth..please people get in touch with essex police and/or Slater&Gordon solicitors..they are both handling the won't be long now before they get their just desserts.

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Jan 05, 2014 #769063

To the OP: Obviously you copied your quote from this forum quote but you quoted the WRONG person it was from poster READHOUSE not I. Here is the post: GO TO THE FORUM and reread it in its entirety if you wish.

Hi Pascalli2,
As far as I can see you haven't missed a thing! Although tedious, It's worthwhile keeping "tabs" on the "View Previous Offers" list. By comparing the "See all cruise offers" list to the previous offers list you'll know if you've missed something while you blinked. Best to wait for a definite answer from Admin. though as one of my cancelled cruises didn't make it to the previous offers list at all. (More fool me, I should have known it wouldn't materialize 12months earlier than I did.)Readhouse Posts: 20Joined: March 3rd, 2012, 4:33 am

To the poster below: 14 Cm cruises?? WRONG I have had about 8 from 2008-2012 . BTW I have had ZERO cruises booked AFTER I started approx 3 months ago and AGAIN I have had (3) or all my CM cruises cancelled from Sept 2013 through all of 2015 to include

1) CCL Glory Dec 8, 2013

2) NCL Dawn April 21, 2014

3) Celebrity Eclipse Nov 24, 2014

Had a cruise "As a reward for his loyalty to Richard" ??

WRONG I had my one and only cruise in 2013 (Oct) booked BEFORE I started with cruisemiles. You people need to get your facts straight when attacking people before you post them.

As far as wanting to know who
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Jan 05, 2014 #769114 San Francisco, California, United States

Ron,on the tread of funville,at that time early were not an employee at the lost your common sense dealing with the fraudster.You were called by flowers,your friend when your attitude changed when you got your cm ncl sun thru cm in was posted there.Funny how you were mocking Richard and cruisemiles while quoting other members on that tread.You were questioning the auctions.You and Yvonne are turning a blind eye and not caring about the members.You don't care if Richard doesn't answer our concerns.You just delete or keep our concerns on the que and wash your hands of the mess and fraud it is. You were respected Ron.Now you are not.Common sense went out the window the day you got your job.Sad really.Mistakes happen in life,we think we know people and then we learn who they are.richard has stolen from his members and to make it worst is deleting everything on the forum like all members are dummies and don't notice all the lies. :roll

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Jan 06, 2014 #769173 Southport, England, United Kingdom

Ron, I don't accuse you or Yvonne of having a cruise as a reward, because I don't know. You say you haven't, so I accept that. My mission is to establish facts.

Therefore I would like facts about numbers, and as you say the only person who knows is Richard I must unfortunately assume the worst. It defies belief that a company as large as this is run by only one man. (Ok, granted there are two people who know next to nothing and are paid from a levy on members). And that man's main concern is the starting up and running of restaurants and reality TV shows. He is most definitely part time.

He will not tell us how many cruises he has cancelled, nor how many cabins are bought. Is he a sole trader or a limited company? If the former it would be good to see him bankrupted, and if the latter let's see the accounts required by law. Whichever way you look at this fiasco he has conned hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. He has no intention of either providing the cruises we have paid for nor refunding our money for services left unprovided.

There are a few cruises being awarded as a sop, but Richard is largely silent and there is no-one else. The captain seems to have abandoned ship, having filled a couple of lifeboats and leaving two mates to contain the passengers who are all going down with the ship.

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Jan 06, 2014 #769576

Thanks for weighing in Ron and clearing up some details, but you must acknowledge that receiving even 8 cruises out of the 11 you booked thru CMs is way better than zero out of however many for lots of members who joined after you. In fact, I would wager if you were like most of us, you paid far less for the 8 you took even allowing for losing 3 others, than you would have paid if you had booked them thru any TA, so you are a net winner.

You should go back and read the responses from those who were early investors with Bernie Madoff. There were winners and, later, losers. The early winners, insiders and his family only wanted that nice Mr. Madoff to be left alone by the bad Federal agencies, so they could continue earning a 14% return on their investments going forward. Those who joined in later, not so much.

Have a little compassion for those less fortunate, please.

The gist of the critical post is that Richard continues to post under "previous offers", many cruises that he, in fact, cancelled. Sure they were previous offers, but to use them in this way is a baldfaced attempt to fool unsuspecting newbies or don't you see that? For those of us who have been members for many years, there is no question that Richard routinely massages reality to ingratiate himself. The purported list of previous offers is just such an attempt. He often back dates information that he adds to the CMs Forum in order to cancel cruises and deny CMs buyers a
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Jan 05, 2014 #768810

Ron Smith was rewarded for his loyalty to Richard with a cruise a couple of months ago as payment for doing Richard's dirty work, answering questions on the CMs Forum for which only RL had answers. That makes 14 cruises Ron has taken thru CMs now. Just like Bernie Madoff's early investors, Ron and Yvonne can't see the forest for the trees. They are blinded by favoritism. Doh! :roll

Richard actually set up CMs so he could siphon off your money for himself and leave you high and dry (pun intended).

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Jan 05, 2014 #768853 Southport, England, United Kingdom

Please could Richard, Ron, Yvonne etc add some facts to that list of previous offers. To "offer" is not the same as to "provide".

I and many others would like to know how many cabins were provided on these offers, and how many people were cancelled. Then we can judge correctly.

We are told we don't know the facts and are selfish to complain. If they want to silence the critics all they have to do is tell us the truth. My guess is that they don't want us to know. Put up the figures or shut up about our complaints. The remedy is in your own hands.

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