It is time, I have been trashed enough and now being threatened to be sued by the Lord Lester if I speak? OMG he has gone off the deep end and I never thought it would come to this but I was warned it might .

Fire away with your general questions but I will say in advance I NEVER had any access to CM funds, Cm finances, balance sheets or ANY access to anything relating where CM $$ went so do not ask about that as I have no info.

This is about setting the record straight with general inquiries about dues, bookings etc. NOT a trash Lester/CM session as he did to me. I truly hope many more get their cruises as anything short of this would end up being a complete waste of time for myself and all involved with CM. I would rather post in the forum but obviously that would never be allowed. I will not get into name calling or anything ugly here nor post specific CM usernames. Keep it civil and if I can answer it accurately I will.


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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #849377

Latest BS email from Lester..he sounds like he is getting desperate now

Dear Member,

We thank you for all support during recent problems,

As per recent update cruisemiles has suspended operations.

The cancellations and subsequent bad PR regarding cruisemiles made new investors feel that using this brand would not be feasible as recovery confidence would not occur.

But as the software and concept were sound the only possibility to go forward could be a re-branding under new ownership.In return for this and as a good will gesture from the potential new investor We have in principle plans which will allow transfer of unused miles onto a new site which will have allow members to bid late space travel including hotel rooms, time share apartments weeks and cancelled or late cabins.

The site would have only regulated and insured providers/operators thus safeguarding all bookings. If finalized I will remain as long as needed in an unpaid consultancy position to ensure the migration run smoothly. Further updates will be posted as soon as possible.

In the meantime it would help if those active members paid or unpaid register for updates/interest in transfer using the link below.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1K7oFg0DhI8Jcn_UkxK7MAEZa7lqTNDXubPEAyzkcTJE/viewform?usp=send_form

Sarasota, Florida, United States #848622

RON,just wanted to know do you have Richard's phone and address for legal complaints as you stated in your email messages?also did these employees file complaints?


As a followup I just got word from total apps that the credit card chargebacks keep on coming so they will NOT release a dime of that cruise commission $$ to Dave W.which would get to Mr.

Liester. Since all the cruises are now cancelled I would expect Lester to just keep all that $$ once he gets it if the chargebacks ever stop.

My hope is the banks which own many of these credit cards who are paying these chargebacks go after lester

Subject: Cruisemiles

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 09:28:42 -0400 ******************************************************************************************************** Hello all I am in contact with an ex rarecow employee who was fired unexpectedly and actually processed some miles auctions $$ into Richards bank account. This person is willing to talk to anyone including investigators in the hopes for people to see just where the millions of $$ actually ended up as we all know hundreds of cruises were cancelled. I now know that the 2 rarecows remaining that there were dicussions that Richard had with his accountant John to LIQUIDATE as the debts were out of control, This was back in May just prior to Alfie taking them over.

So in...

Now I am hearing Alfie wants Richard out of the picture totally and it may well have already happened. Do anything you can to attempt to get your $$ back is my advice before the website is deleted completely where acct. info then will no longer be available. CM is DEAD and for whatever reason he does not have the guts to inform the customers.

I should have his phone # this week for anyone who is filling out the HRMC tax evasion hotline form or to ring him. Sorry for that delay but there is a good reason for the delay.

I WILL get it.Ron

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to more info ron please Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #849211

thank you for posting this!

Ron you should be updating all of us here...


Latest lord Richard (I presume) message - unsigned: Update 21st July 2014

Sorry for the delay with this update, Just when we thought no further options for rescue existed a new idea was found which led to a large meeting with several companies at what was deaths door for CM we are now looking at a new rescue option which would not only be solid but has people excited.

All site operations continue to be suspended with no further cruises operating currently after those ticketed upto July.

If we get agreement on this a full announcement will follow as soon possible.

Our aim is to make sure members do get something and thus I have left no avenues unturned working to get some way forward agreed.

to yhcm #843824

Yes got that..load of BS, why doesn't he just leave it alone and go away


I am totally amazed that since the "relaunch" of Cruise Miles earlier this year that new Offers were made, seemingly based on the same premise of purchase the cruise - but CM not apparently having the ticketing or bookings. Those of us who purchased - needing the Membership levy to do so - have more than likely been dudded yet again.

If this is so then the organiser (FB: Ritchie Lester aka Lord Foodie) has more than knowingly committed fraud, especially given how previous cruises purchased within the CM scheme were "cancelled" even though no ticketing/bookings had been made to offer them in the first place.

to YHCM Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia #840459

exactly why some of us didn't want to pay the blackmail fee of 50euro's.nothing had changed except ron being employed which 90% of his work was refunding valueless miles back in our account that were cancelled by Richard,so in essence 475 members paid that fee because he needed a worker to work on refunds that were 100% Richard's responsibility.

oh what a world we live in.people were paying another 50 euro's because they were scammed.am I getting this wrong?

But this fee might be the thing that brings Richie behind bars as he didn't have it wrong twice,and ron didn't even get paid with it,in cash at least,trips yes.

to Anonymous Cairns, Queensland, Australia #840706

Membership levy is paying for his holiday/get out of jail free card in Ibiza.

to NotSailingKev #840713

Yep, looks that way from one of his latest photos on FB. I wonder whether he'll ever come back to the UK to face justice? Pity the police haven't seized his passport!

to YHCM #840658

YHCM, you summed it up perfectly! Again, I’m probably stating the obvious but if you haven’t added this to your Essex Police statement (or in fact made a police report) will you please do so?

It is much easier for the Police to keep track of these “logical” conclusions if we all add to our police reports (rather than have them wade through this and other sites for information.)

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