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Three and a half years ago, we purchased a "cruise voucher" for a free 7 day cruise. When we tried to book our cruise, the company had changed to Cruisemiles and our voucher no longer equaled a free cruise. We had to spend more money to buy miles to be able to bid for a cruise. We did and then still could not book a cruise (nothing available for such a small 400,000 cruisemiles). In February 2013, we finally won an auction for a cruise (a year later) to the Western Caribbean leaving out of Miami for 590,000 cruisemiles. (We had to purchase additional miles to confirm the cruise.)

I received email confirmations of winning the cruise auction and told we would need to fill out our further cruise docs within 4 - 8 weeks of cruising.

I would check in to the website to see if they had updated anything on the cruise occasionally. I would check my messages section and there was nothing. We also never received any additional emails after the confirmation email.

After the holidays of 2013, I was concerned when we still had not been emailed any cruise information. I emailed reservations requesting docs and told them we were looking forward to the cruise. I received a response back from Ron Smith who "edits CM accounts" to let me know the cruise had been cancelled and it was listed in the members forums. I had not only been cancelled but had missed their deadline for getting miles returned to account and bonus miles added. He went over and above his job to let me have the miles back as well as the bonus miles (cancellation prize?)

We had already booked non-refundable airfare for the trip because we were 1 month out. My husband and I were floored that we had not been communicated to regarding such a huge loss of funds (cruisemiles purchased) and were very disappointed. When I checked online reviews of cruisemiles I realized we must have been part of the scam that took place as we were not the only disgruntled consumer. There was never an ounce of responsibility placed on the company owner, employees. It was simply a here's what happened, here are some extra miles, now pay a $50 fee and see if you can book something again. Ron and I wrote back and forth a few emails. Never an apology from him. (He claims to have lost his cruise as well and did not work for the company when this happened.) He told me to contact reservations to find out further information (remember I had already done this and not received a response over the course of 5 days) I sent another more direct email stating that the least they could do is waive the $50 annual fee for this year for those of us whose cruises were cancelled. This alone would show some type of good faith effort to be a reputable and legitimate business.

I finally got a response from Richard, (I assume it is the owner from the content of his email) again showing no remorse, no apology or offered any ownership of the poor decision his company made. Just simply explained it away blaming his payment processors policy changes; the need for $ to hire Ron Smith to work on the support side of his company; and the fact all the work he had been doing himself was making him physically sick. (I have the email) Unbelievable.

I have noted that others have sent their complaints to the Essex County police and will send one as well. If Richard Lester was truly running a legitimate business why would he not want to protect it and his own image? He has clearly defrauded us of our money and ruined our travel plans as well as others who entrusted credit card information and travel plans to him and his "legitimate" business.

I have sent one last email requesting a refund of our miles purchased to take this cruise.

Monetary Loss: $930.

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London, England, United Kingdom #789742

I would not bother requesting a refund of your miles purchased, what use would that be?only more worthless miles in your account.

My best advise to you is: Because your cruise was cancelled go to your BANK they will help you a lot more than CM or Richard will.

Take all relevant copies of your cruise details, INCLUDING, and this is the important piece of information, the information where it states CRUISE CANCELLED, this will be in your HISTORY part of your account. Even take copies of some of the posts on here, everything will help. Take all this in to your bank. You purchased a cruise and it was cancelled, they will refund your money back to you.

I know I have had all mine refunded to me. Do it as soon as you can, before CM take it off the site or they shut down all together.

I gave over thousands of dollars to CM without getting a cruise but lucky for me I read on this site that others were able to retrieve their money from their bank so gave it a try and I now have all my money back.So what have you got to loose, it took months for it to be finalised but it was worth the wait.

Good Luck!


Well another lie put on the site today.People may not notice this but he puts an important update about the jade change in itinerary.No prob.but noticed he starts the message with it being sent by the cruiseline with cruise direct ltd(USA)division,you know those who watch the site will remember when he(Richard)told us the notice to strike was not important as he wasn't using his usa division anyways? :x Well 6 months after and I guess he gets official memo's under that same usa division.What a liar! :upset

to Anonymous Sarasota, Florida, United States #789661

Yes sir,noticed that too,also notice ron or support,same avatar,so it's him,saying for those not processed for yearly fee of 49$ that he's doing some daily but he has still some daily of members still paying.

so what,still members paying on a daily basis but Richard told us that most had been booked for the replacements,remember that?how can they have all had replacements when they can't be booked because they just are paying the fee now?WOW :roll Richard had supposedly processed over 60 in one day and it's almost 3 months and he hasn't been able to process all of them yet.What are we back at 10000 members but the forum is checked by maybe 50 members at the most,just look at the tread counts...oops,that info.will probably disappear now?lies,alllll lies... :x

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #789666

Look at all the new names on the forum. Lately there have been a lot of them. Must be new people signing up I would think.

to Stan Sarasota, Florida, United States #789677

Oh Stan,do you mean the new members not verified that have all been members since june 2011 but we just notice them now.Made up names and to look good they have back dated them.Don't be fooled by the charade going on the site.Look at the members bidding on the miles and most that look new are all old members that seem to have all been members since the summer of 2011,but now Stan or Richard,you will see the members now getting new dates,because if your not an austrich you will not buy miles with the lack of offers and incredible inflated prices of cruises on auctions and the 1% chance of cruising.In other word,you don't wait 3 years to start buying miles,you have enough miles as you have been cancelled last year and refunded many millions of bonus miles with those cancellations!Ask yourself who can make a new account without any problem,and what else is there to do,no booking#s to give away for sure. :roll

London, England, United Kingdom #772804

You may well get a refund of the miles, but my guess is that they will prove to be worthless. I believe that the company is sinking(!) fast and Ebay members may have at last realised this, as the last 'Auction' by shipshape 1960 for top up Cruise Miles failed to attract any bids. Another one finishes at 20.12 today and it will be interesting to see if any member (mug) bids on it.

to hallo sailor #772882

Had a look at that ebay listing of shipshape1960 and it is gone before auction ended..he must have take it down due to not getting any (bidders) suckers to bid on the last one.

to mehere #772993

Business is certainly NOT booming for him bids on 6 auctions.... :grin Perhaps the tide has finally turned!


It's not legit.Don't get fooled by the jargon RL uses as all is done legally and he didn't file bankruptcy because he's generous and caring.He didn't because this action will just speed up the judicial and lawsuit process.

Do you wonder why most member payments haven't been processed after 2 months? blackmail fee for a 1 cheap 2 day cruise now left for the last month on offers.everybody take 15 minutes and file,at least we will see him in jail for awhile! :roll


YES RL is indeed an ugly piece of work…and I am almost sure there is a phrase in the contrac that we all signedt that says every thing he is doing on paper is legit..not morally but just on paper :( :( :( :( :( :( :( otherwise why wouldn't they have pinned him before now??

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