The morally bankrupt *** man who supposedly has no $$, credit maxed out and no $$ for cruises continues to live a life loaded with luxury. Driving around in a jaguar, now living in a huge expensive house, galavanting around the globe on holiday with your new girlfriend all at cruisemiles members expense.

All this while he allegedly is securing deals with companies to rescue cruisemiles. Yeah sure you are, you are spending that huge settlement $$ from Mr. Best from the rarecows while your cruisemiles customers are left with nothing.

He is a subhuman cretin and he will face justice whether in the form of legal proceedings or otherwise.

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Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia #1235230

this pic was taken years ago..he is much older fatter and uglier now


Ummm .. you lost me??

Who is this guy? What is he doing wrong? What law is he breaking? And who is he to you?

I'm suspecting he dumped you ? I only say that because that's exactly how it sounds .

If he's not your ex boyfriend or husband you should rewrite it so it's understandable. If he's some kind of crook I would curious to know.

to Nlpope Sarasota, Florida, United States #1263548

oh he's nobody's boyfriend except his dog...He was the owner of cruisemiles.com a Ponzi scheme that is still being investigated by the UK police.We are hundreds that have been stolen money and lost hundreds of paid in full cruises that are gone.He bought restaurants which also went belly up..He is a *** man..richard howard lester..from Chelmsford,uk.


I don't know how true this is but I have been told that he will never face justice because he will use the excuse that he tried to sell the business but with all the bad mouthing re CMs and himself on sites like this one, he couldn't get a buyer. so there fore it was not his fault that he could not sell it..lets hope this is not the case

to anonymous #846941

Nothing is ever his fault "Dolly did it"! However, he hasn't filed for bankruptcy (as far as I can see) nor has he sold the business (as far as we know) therefore HE is still liable.

(And please don't feel guilty about bad-mouthing him, we are doing the public a favour (providing it is factual); if he hadn't done the wrong thing by his customers and hadn't been so gutless as to not inform customers of his inability to fund cruises because HE had spent all the money on other things; and hadn't been so arrogant as to flaunt his lifestyle on public media, no one would need to bad-mouth him).

to Anonymous #847444

Just a thought..wonder if the reason he hasn't filed for bankruptcy is that he wants to spend all our money first..

to anonymous #846970

what a lame excuse that would be.it would be comparable as me having a car dealership and selling cars and not providing the cars to the buyers and then having as an excuse that those who didn't get there car bad mouthed my business(car dealership)so it's not my fault because I tried to sell the dealership a year after and couldn't because I stole from my customers...so did I understand the asinine excuse correctly?

i'm hoping he goes for that defense,or he's better off pleading insanity...whomever told you this please don't hang around them to much.taking our money for the purchase of our cruises and not buying those cruises isn't a defense in any way or form,not being able to sell the business after the fact because it ended up being a Ponzi scheme isn't a defense either.

We had bright people that got conned because we didn't have any warnings,but I must admit that there's a few that are very gullible.Do not believe all you hear as some are leaches and don't want anybody to file complaints with the police.

to anonymous #847677

That is baloney as cruisemiles has no assets to sell to anyone with 1/2 a brain. All there is are lots of unpaid debts for cruises.

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