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i bought my first cm in 2012 on the breakaway june 9 went on the cruise ,i paid for a balcony got oceanview but i got a cruise i emailed and called no refund but i got a trip. before we went i bought more miles and booked ncl dawn march 2 2014.

and i bought 2 million more,then i get a gift of 30,000 miles now i read on this web site im canceled for march . were do i find the canceled cruises on cm web site, i hope to get some answers,it would be nice if u could e mail them.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Just got my money back from travel insurance but have been on 3 cruises with them so still saved over thousand dollars and even after my payout I still got the bonus comp miles so may get a free cruise

to Anonymous #731290

What travel insurance covers fraud,i think you didn't need travel insurance,you needed just to put it thru your credit card.i've been on 5 cruises and I look at the price of auctions and with the 5 cancelled that I have i'm still in the hole.Must be Richard if your ahead,or your one that stopped buying miles right after the 3rd cruise was a go.The only people ahead are the one's that sailed 8-10 times and have stopped buying worthless miles a year ago,or Richard.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #729596

I am trying to set up a Class Action, from Australia.

Legal firm will assess.

**See my post: CruiseMiles: "No cruise, CruiseMiles cancelled. Legal CLASS ACTION sought."


I want my money back but not much hope of that....i think the best we can hope for is this person being brought to book! :(

I am angry that i was sucked in...can't change that, lesson learned!

to Anonymous #728438

Have you tried to file a dispute with your credit card company or bank? I wouldn't rule out hope of getting your money back until you try.

Everyone I know who has raised a dispute did get their money back.

Worth a shot! Might not be as dire as you think.

to Anonymous #731201

Thank you so much for that information. I went to the bank this morning and lodged a claim with them with all the relevant information, I may be lucky, maybe not, but at least I am trying .

I will not fill out that silly form to get more miles as it's just a band aid to keep people hanging on for another year, also read the fine print, once you fill it out it says : By clicking submit you agree to receive the following extra miles for inconvienance of group change specified above this will be deemed in full and final settlement AND NO OTHER ENCUMBERANCE WILL BE CLAIMED OR EXPECTED.

So in other words they have given you back something for your cancelled cruise so don't expect anything else. Thank goodness for this site as CM won't let me submit on the forum.


Your history in your account will show you if your cruise is cancelled and miles will be returned to you. THere is no other way of knowing unless you look under our sailings updated and it specifically says its cancelled.

The sailings are a mess, not updated anyways. That is why we are all on here complaining because you do not get anywhere with cruisemiles.

They do not answer. Frankly I dont think there will many sailings at all if any in the future.

to Anonymous #728384

my status says cancelled i want my money back

Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom #728333

Another $3000 in that bastards pocket.

Time to organise a night out at the Rare Cow.

How about 20.00 hrs Saturday 19th October. When the bill comes we can all pay with cruisemiles.

Come on everyone, who's in ?

to Steak and Chips Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States #728394

if I lived anywhere near there, I would love to do this!! imagine the look on the dark lord's puss if a group of disgruntled cm'ers showed up at his overpriced diner and offered to pay with "miles"...seriously, if I could afford to fly over there, I would do it in a heartbeat....I could hand my server my Rainbow Plus voucher to pay my tab and leave 1 million cruisemiles for a tip. :grin

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