Cairns, Queensland
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Guess his working on this one in Ibiza. Deserted the sunken ship.

Update 5th July 2014 -

Further to the recent email regarding recent financial difficulties with cruisemiles and breeches by hackers in sites security we have suspended site operations.

Rescue talks with new investors continue this week and either way a full statement will follow in the next few days. Again all Tickets which have been issued upto Beginning of August are fine and valid for travel, Again whilst company is having problems please do not purchase air fare until tickets are issued.

I know words do not help anxiety recent issues have caused but can only assure I continue to try every avenue open.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Southampton, England, United Kingdom #843372

These are old pictures have seen them before and looking on fb the comments reflect this recent ones he has gray hair and looks stressed!!

to Carol #843377

yes Carol..I thought that as well

to Carol #843430

and fatter


I'm sorry but if your working 20 hour days why are we always seeing pics of you either eating,drinking or making out with drag queens?


The best avenue to try, Richard, is the one that leads to your bank. Not the one to Ibiza (or wherever that lovely picture of you beside the sea was taken).

You need to go to the bank to withdraw enough money to pay for my October cruise, since I have already lost all those previously booked.

While you're there, please withdraw enough funds to buy ALL the cruises booked.

And to refund the money to all the members who are still waiting for a cruise,

If there is not enough money in your bank then you should declare bankruptcy, stop those holidays, sell your assets and let the receiver distribute the proceeds to us all.

If you don't intend to do that either then you should explore the avenue to the Chelmsford Police Station and hand yourself in for fraud.

Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States #841235

well the poor bloke has been working 25 hours a day for several years fighting pot stirrers, hackers, rogue agents, aliens, locusts, pestilence, etc...just to get the rest of us on boats so he deserves a nice holiday, some gourmet cuisine and crystal champagne compliments of his cruisemiles family. He needs to rest up before the next round of rescue talks...



Please contact them as soon as possible giving as much detail as you can about how much money you have invested, what cruises you booked and subsequently had cancelled etc.etc.: They will then forward you a Police Witness Statement and issue you a report number.


This is a genuine email address for the Detective investigation Mr.

Lester's Ponzi Travel Scheme. Currently Cruisemiles is being investigated by AucitonFraud, U.K., the Essex Police, The U.K. Taxation Authority. to name just a few.

There have also been reports made to BBC 1 watchdog programme and other Consumer Affairs media driven programmes globally.

I urge you to file a complaint and do it as soon as possible.

to essex police investigation Holden Beach, North Carolina, United States #842940

Well to all the hopeful CM August cruisers I say, I am very sorry you were let down just before your cruise. I am sure many of you have made alternative arrangements by now.

I don't know why we expected Richard to honor his word and pay for cruises after we have paid him for those cruises since he is such a swell fella. He took his maxed credit cards on Holiday. I am sure the stress got to him. He has not honored his word before so no need to expect anything else.

My son has absolutely no money and two disabled children and a holiday on a cruise would have meant the world to him. He works 7 days a week, two different jobs to put food on their table but was taken to the cleaners by Richard on the one cruise he purchased. I hope Richard can live with what he has done to so many.

I doubt he will have any trouble.

to Southern Girl #842979

I am so sorry to hear about your son, there are many many sad stories about what Richard has done to people and for some reason is still out there roaming around a free man and I doubt he will have any trouble living with what he has done either as I doubt he has any feeling for anyone but Richard..very sad sad state of affairs. In his mind he is right and we are all ungrateful.

to Southern Girl #842992

The fat fake Lord has disappeared from the cruisemiles scene altogether now while on an extended holiday ignoring his own promise for a further update within a few days of his 5 July email.

Keep emailing the police and the HMRC tax evasion hotline as no doubt he did not pay his share of income taxes on the millions of miles revenues.

He is a total bloody disgrace to humanity.

to Anonymous Holden Beach, North Carolina, United States #843597

Update July 21st!!! So excited as we are saved and he is trying to get us all something!!!

Are you kidding me? When will it end.

Admit you lied and you are not going to honor your commitment.

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