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Today I decided to visit the cruisemiles site for some black comedy, as I still have more than 3 million miles in my account.

I was looking at the auction page and saw that there is a current bid of 5,405,000 for a 5 day cruise in an inside cabin on November 29, 2014 on the Carnival Elation. And the auction still has 4 days to run.

I checked on Carnival's site and the price of an inside cabin for this cruise for 2 people, including port fees and taxes is $613.42. And, for that price with Carnival you get:

$50 Per Person Deposit

Free Upgrades

Price Protection

Choose your room

Great Vacation Guarantee

Using cruisemiles, you get aggravation, uncertainty as to whether you will get tickets, no phone number to call for customer service, emails ignored, an assigned cabin, no guarantees and you have to pay $49 for membership and $25 for their booking fee.

But assuming you are the lucky traveller who gets your tickets, whether you calculate the value using the price that we paid for our cruisemiles or vouchers or even the "new" price on auction-now 1,000,000 miles for $160.00, it is clear that this is just another blatant variety of the cruise miles smoke and mirror rip-offs.

So my question is who is bidding on this cruise or ones like it?? And why throw good money after bad?

Monetary Loss: $3000.


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Got an email today from Essex Police saying that Detective Sgt Phillip Greaves is handling the case and they have passed my email on to him, so they are really investigating RL from Cruisemiles so won't be long now. Anyone who wants to send an email to him his address is so go for it all you people who have had money stolen from them by Richard Lester from Cruisemiles

Cairns, Queensland, Australia #785580

Ripoff Lester must be happy with his Auctions.

NCL Star 14 Nights Transatlantic 27 April 2015 Inside Cabin

currently at CM10,030,000.00 with 2 days to go.

Starting price on Aussie Cruise Websites is AUD $1700 for 2 pax.

When are the coppers going to knock on his door?

to NotSailingKev Cairns, Queensland, Australia #786122

Now up to CM14,040,000.00 with 17 hours to go.

I'm off to buy some miles off that genuine Ebay

Seller, good ol Shipshape1960. :grin


someone posted...

"hi Richard

the Asia and Au cruises sound great it would be great to get these cruises for all us assies that cruises were cancelled .Will they be offered to us first, meaning

the people like my self which had cancelled cruises. keep the good work up we are all behind you"

thanks jojo0403

I tried to reply to this but I can't seems like I have been banned from replying to anything on the forum all of a sudden, strange thing is I have not said anything adverse on the CM forum …things are really becoming illegal there..surely if we have multiple CM..we should have a voice if we have not said anything adverse ..I suspect things are legally heating up for our poor excuse for a person RL '

to anonymous #780654

Or perhaps I am not allowed a voice on the forum as I haven't given him my $49..and guess what I am not going to..I wouldn't buy one of his cruises for the most minimal amount of miles….as it probably will be cancelled anyhow…I would rather pay a bit more to a reputable travel agent or direct to the cruise company itself and know that I WILL definitely be sailing, than deal with RL..when will people wake up….better still when will the authorities catch up with him as he is doing heaps of illegal things…HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN CMs.IT IS RON AND PUG THAT ARE KEEPING IT GOING (FOR NOW)…he is too tied up in his" fat cow" restaurant..we should all have shares in it as that is where our money has gone.

to anonymous Stockport, England, United Kingdom #784843

I would imagine he is as is his restaurant profits that is paying for all the people going on cruises. You can try and spin all you like the guy is working like none other to make sure people do not lose out. And now I have seen the extent of this will get my full support.

to Anonymous Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States #784937

and without the massive influx of cash from the unsuspecting victims of the Cruisemiles ***, there would be no restaurant profits!!

sorry to tell you this, but you are the only one spinning a tale; many have been victimized and "lost out" big money...and nothing is being done to repair that damage. He is "working like none other" simply to save his own hide...good luck with that, as the law is catching up!!

to Anonymous #784939

Hello Richard.You need to get someone else to write for you because your sentences are so obvious.

And no, these posts are not all written by some rival travel agency.

I know that for a fact as I know many of the people writing.:zzz

to Anonymous #784998

Richard go pedal your BS someplace else, you are so obvious.

to Anonymous #785002

"the guy is working like no other" hahaha you mean the guy is lying like no other don't you Richard Lester

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